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Welcome to FranchiniUSA.com

We might as well sell forgings, but we prefer to deliver solutions.

Franchini USA, Inc. is exclusive distributor in America of Franchini Acciai brand, Made in Italy bespoke open-die forged turnkey products.

Heading for 50th anniversary, Franchini Acciai is still growing worldwide: raising craftsmanship to high-tech forging has been our mission, since Gianpietro Franchini laid the first brick and built his own brand back in 1968. Now in 2016, with over 3 million square feet production area and 100,000 tonne annual capacity, Franchini Acciai is the one forging company you can spot from the moon.

Whenever you think you’re succeeding, you probably are.

High-end Products

Be it a nuclear power plant, a severe subsea environment or a heavy-duty equipment, we know the game.

Vertical Integration

Turnkey, how does it sound? Time is money, we all know: that’s why we love to take care of everything. Tell us where you need to get and when, then sit back and relax.

Never Settle

We never sit, instead we keep on watching, learning and moving ahead. The world is changing fast, so do we: over 150 million $ invested in 10 years are a sign of our mindset.

Service we offer

Franchini Acciai continuously moves in the market direction, adding expertise and know-how to remain the worldwide leader.

  • Feasibility studies & metallurgy engineering
  • Hot forming, cold & oxygen cutting
  • Heat treatments
  • Machining according to your drawing
  • NDTs with automated UT equipment
  • Heat stability testing on shafts
  • Destructive testing & metallurgical investigation
  • Welding overlay
  • Packaging and international shipping







Markets & Products

Franchini Acciai operates in all main markets worldwide, always standing on top, quality and service-wise.

Whatever your business is about, either we’re asked to supply traditional components or bespoke turnkey project solutions, great attention is paid to the compliance with the strictest Customer requirements and specs, in order to guarantee our service to exceed your expectations.

Oil & Gas

Power Generation


Cement & Mining

Plant & Equipment

Mechanical Industry


Not-in-drawing forgings


How to find us


1800 West Loop S, Ste 1740,
Houston, TX 77027 - United States

Tino Lovric - Franchini USA, Inc
Phone: +49 1512 7524708
E-mail: t.lovric@franchiniacciai.de

Contact us

Our sales office is based in the United States, you can get in touch right now in all possible ways: you may give us a call, write us an email, Skype us, use the provided contact form in this very section or even stop by for a face-to-face meeting: whatever your preference, our staff will be glad to support and answer your questions.

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